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Welcome to Holman's USA Marketplace Catalog Help Section

Holman's LANS Agreement

Subcontract: LANS HP Computing & 3rd Party Accessories

Subcontract #: 25310


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Welcome to Holman’s USA Marketplace catalog featuring HP computing products plus over 40 third party computing accessory manufacturers.

Holman’s USA Marketplace Catalog includes the following Features:

  1.          Search by Standards– a full listing of all Lab standard systems for Laptop, Workstation and Desktop.
  2.          Search by Brand - a full listing of all manufacturers offered.
  3.          Search by Department
  4.          Product Search box available on all pages with predictive results after 3 characters typed.
  5.          Search filters to narrow the products found in a department.
  6.          Quote Request form emailed directly to our Sales Support team for rapid response.
  7.          *Quote find and add to cart, quick ordering of quotes you receive from our Sales Support team.
  8.          *Saved Carts for reordering, you choice the cart name for each cart you save.
  9.          Quick Add, enter up to 10 manufacturer part numbers with quantities for a quick add to cart
  10.          Request Service form emailed directly to our Service Advisors for rapid response.
  11.          Share Cart name and email a cart to your authorized purchaser or to a peer for review
  12.          Contact us section with Hours and contact phone & emails to our Sales and Service teams
  13.          *Checkout carts return to Vinimaya Marketplace for ordering
  14.          Help section includes this document

*Feature only available to users connected through the Vinimaya Marketplace catalog.



What is a Vinimaya Marketplace user?

Lab users who connect to our catalog by first logging into Vinimaya Marketplace Catalog and selecting the Holman’s Apple or HP link are connected as a Marketplace user. These users will have access to all our catalog features and be able to return shopping carts back into the Vinimaya Marketplace.

Why is the Checkout, Save Cart or Quote loading disabled?

Lab users who connect to our catalog outside of a Vinimaya Marketplace will not have access to the Checkout, save cart or quote loading features. These features are only available to Punch-out users who connect to our catalog via the Vinimaya Marketplace.

What is a Shared Cart?

Shared carts are a form of collaborative shopping allowing you to shop, create a cart of products and share your cart with a peer within your organization for review and/or purchase. The recipient will have access to load your cart within their Vinimaya Marketplace user to purchase your cart. The shared cart feature is available to all users.



How to Topics


How do I load a quote for purchase?

       1. From the Quotes drop-down menu enter your quote number and click the GO button. Your quote number can be found upper right corner of your quote and is prefixed with “HLMQ” i.e. HLMQ5409 and sometimes has a “–xx” revision suffix i.e. HLMQ5398-01.

       2. The quote line items will display with a sub-total and date created and customer name.

       3. Click the “Add to Cart” button at page bottom to add all the quoted items into your current shopping cart.


How do I Share a cart?

       1. Click the “Share Cart” button within the shopping cart page bottom left to open the Share Cart form.

       2. Fill in the form and click the Save & Share button. An email will be send to the recipient who then can connect via the Vinimaya Marketplace and load this cart to and place the order.


How do I save a cart for reuse?

       1. Load your shopping cart up with the items you reorder frequently i.e. toner for a laserjet printer.

       2. Within the shopping cart page enter a user friendly name you’ll remember into the Save Cart Name text box and click the Save Cart button. The cart will be saved and a list view will display with all of your saved carts. Saved carts are given a unique Reference Number for recalling.


How do I reload a Saved Cart?

There are two ways to find a saved cart:

       1. From the Saved Carts drop-down menu you can enter your reference number i.e. 000679 and click GO. A view of the saved cart items will display, click the “Add to cart” button bottom left to load those items into your current shopping cart.

       2. Or click the View Saved Carts link within the Saved Carts drop-down menu to view and load any of your saved carts. Click the reference number to view the cart details and load cart.


How do I use Quick Add?

Enter manufacturer part# and quantity to order, up to ten part numbers and click the Add Items to Cart. All items will be added at once. You will receive a warning for any part numbers that do not match a catalog product.


How to use filters?

The filters throughout your Holman's Catalog are designed to help you find what you're looking for as quickly as possible. If you choose to shop by brand, then the filters that appear will only be relevant to the products in your chosen brand. If you choose to shop by department, then the filters that appear will only be relevant to the products in your chosen department. To start filtering through products, simply select all the filter options that apply to your desired product. Any filter that you select will appear at the top of all filter options with a black X on the right. As you select filters, the page will automatically update to display products matching your selected filters; all filters that are no longer applicable will be displayed in dull gray text. To remove a previously selected filter option, you can click the black X or you can click on the 'clear' button on the right of the individual filter names. To remove all selected filter options, you can click the 'Clear All' button at the top of the filters column. If you are unable to find your desired product using filters, try using the search bar located at the top of every page.


How to use the search bar:

The search bar appears on every page of your Holman's Catalog. You are able to search the site at any time by inputing either the name or part number of your desired product. Once you have typed 3 characters, the search bar will begin displaying results that match your search terms. Results will appear as a list of products right below the search bar; you can use either your mouse or arrow keys to navigate to your desired product. If the results do not match what you are looking for, try using different search criteria. If you are still unable to find the product you are looking for, please contact Sales Support at